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Privacy is a fundamental human right.

We don't collect, store, or transmit any personal data. We want to sell cool games to you, not sell you to some nameless third-party.

KillerRobots.com uses Piwik to collect analytics data like ip address, browser version, and operating system. This data is locally stored and never sold or transmitted to third-parties. We use this analytics data purely in aggregate to detect popular or broken pages on the site, so feel free to block this cookie if you really want to, we won't feel bad.

Games and apps contain no third-party code or frameworks. We collect no analytics data. The only data collected and stored are things like high scores, save games, and achievements. This data is stored on-device and isn't transmitted to our servers, but may be transmitted to Apple Inc. or other platform holders for use in GameCenter or similar. This data is never sold or transmitted to other third-parties.

Payment processing is provided by Apple, itch.io, and PayPal. Your payment information is subject to their respective privacy policies. Update checking and license management of Mac, iOS, and tvOS apps purchased from the App Store is managed by Apple.

Last updated: October 7, 2019.